What is the AVP?

Association of Volleyball Professionals

Founded in 1983, the AVP is the longest standing and most well known beach volleyball organization, facilitating national and international tournaments, developing new talent, invigorating communities through sport, and promoting a beach volleyball lifestyle throughout the world.
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Who we are



Volleyball is our passion.

Here at the AVP Academy Okanagan, we are a dedicated group of coaches and athletes who are passionate about the game of beach volleyball and we love to pass on that passion and drive to our players!
We are committed to developing every athlete to the peak of her ability.
The AVP is growing the game of beach volleyball by creating a streamlined, consistent curriculum that will help beach volleyball athletes to maximize their skill development at the highest rate possible. The AVP Academy program utilizes training components that successful Olympic and professional beach volleyball teams currently use and makes this training available to youth and adult players.

Why Join?

The AVP Academy Okanagan is independent of your beach club. We offer these organizations a proven curriculum and teaching method for player development across all levels, from recreational players to juniors to Olympians. When utilizing the AVP Academy resources, beach volleyball athletes may accelerate their developmental progress and set themselves apart from other players.

There are many ways to access the AVP Academy Platform.  You can join through our affiliated local beach volleyball clubs or training organizations or sign up directly on this site as an individual and become a part of the AVP Academy Okanagan. If your club is not yet active with the AVP Academy then please do have them contact us for more information.

By joining the AVP Academy you also become a member of the AVP family where you enjoy the many benefits and perks of being a part of the best volleyball community in the world!

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What people are saying about the AVP Academy

"The AVP Academy teaching method took me from being a 100% indoor volleyball player to a beach volleyball Olympian, FIVB Best Blocker, and #1 ranked team in the world. The technical and tactical explanations presented by the Academy are easy to understand and execute, whether you have extensive beach experience, or are making the transition with indoor knowledge. I have been fortunate enough to incorporate all of the AVPA offerings into my daily training environment, including sports psych and nutrition, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to help me reach my goal of Olympic Gold."
Sarah Pavan - 2016 Olympian / FIVB World Tour Top Player

"The emphasis on developing all areas of my game from skill development to nutrition to mental strength is unique to the AVP Academy's training program.  Having an integrative approach to training has been crucial to my success on the world tour."
Melissa Humana-Paredes - FIVB World Tour Top Player / 2017 FIVB Most Improved Player / 2018 FIVB Best Setter

"Transitioning from indoor volleyball isn't easy, but with commitment to the AVP Academy training methods that process takes considerably less time.  I 100% trust in it and continue to use what I've learned to prepare me for my 2020 Olympic run to Toyko."
Emily Stockman - AVP/FIVB Top Ranked Player

"The AVP Academy provides our coaches and players with the most advanced teachings of beach volleyball, from beginner to expert. The depth of game knowledge and training curriculum gives our athletes the tools and the advantage to play at their full potential !"
Mike Manczuk - Director of AVP Academy Salt Lake City

"The content and guidance the AVP Academy provides will be instrumental in our athlete's growth and performance, as well as the growth of beach volleyball in Canada." Andrew Nelson  - Director of AVP Academy Saskatchewan, Canada

our team

AVP Academy Okanagan

AVP Okanagan Director
Euan Robertson
Lead Coach (August clinic)
Sarah Pavan
Lead Coach (August Clinic)
Adam Schulz 
Assistant Coach
Mark Cooper