AVP Academy Okanagan

AVP Academy

The AVP Academy is the AVP's dedicated youth and collegiate level player online development program designed to help players in all age groups connect to the AVP's mission of "inspiring healthy lifestyles and a lifelong connection to the sport of beach volleyball in youth and their families."
The program combines components of beach volleyball training with online access to skills training videos, sports psychology, nutrition, strength and conditioning videos which provide players with the highest level of training possible.

AVP Academy Okanagan

AVP Academy Okanagan is one of only two international AVP Flagship Academies located outside of the United States - the other one being located in Saskatchewan. Other Flagship AVP Academies include Seattle WA , Palm Beach FL,  Las Vegas NV, Los Angeles CA and Austin TX.
The AVP Academy was created to help youth and adult players improve their game with invaluable information from the top professional coaches, players and experts.

AVP Academy Platform Includes:
  • Online Training Videos By Key Experts
  • Extensive Developmental Curriculum
  • Skills & Drills
  • Nutrition Courses
  • Sports Psychology
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Yoga


Sample Instructional Video

Scott Davenport teaching "Setting Platform":

AVP Academy Okanagan Membership

Here are just a few of the many benefits of becoming a member of the AVP Academy Okanagan.

Extensive Training Videos

In depth skill training presented by Master Coach Scott Davenport along with AVP professionals guide you through every skill along the way.

Exclusive Access to Everything AVP

AVP Membership Included! Full Player Access to the AVP Academy online platform. Learn what it takes to get into AVPFirst and AVPNext events. Start your journey today!

Gear Up & Merch Up!

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AVP Academy Okanagan

AVP Okanagan Director
Euan Robertson
Lead Coach (August clinic)
Sarah Pavan
Lead Coach (August Clinic)
Adam Schulz 
Assistant Coach
Mark Cooper